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New Member Portal: A Few Housekeeping Items

New Member Portal: A Few Housekeeping Items

New Member Portal: A Few Housekeeping Items

The NAFTZ launched its new website and member portal in the last week of March. We hope our efforts to improve the site’s functionality and the user experience in the member portal has exceeded your expectations.

Now that you’ve had a chance to create your account and link your member profile to your new account, below are some housekeeping items we need all members to review and/or edit:

  • Update member profile. NAFTZ transferred all the demographic data stored in the previous database; however, because members bypass the step of updating their individual profiles during membership renewal, this information may likely be outdated.
  • To update your profile, you will need to login > click My Info in the menu bar to the left of your screen > then click on the individual pencil marks to update each of the sections you see.
  • Review your additional members. Within the My Info tab, in the above menu bar you will see additional options, click where it says Related Contacts. This is simply to review who are members within your company and ensure all the memberships are correct.
  • If you need to transfer a membership, please contact
  • To add an additional member also contact Note: we are offering a 20% discount to new members. Add an additional member and save over 70 USD. Restrictions apply, visit our website for details or contact staff for more information.
  • Service Providers Review and edit My Directory Listing. We strongly encourage you to add a category associated with the services you can provide to Grantees and Operator/Users. This will allow Grantees and Operator/Users to easily search by category for the services that they need.
  • Check out the Forum section. Within the forum section of the member portal (also found in the menu bar on the left hand side of your screen), this is where you can interact with the committees you are a member of. Consider asking a question and sharing information or news you think would be of interest to the group. Members within the committee will be able to comment and reply.
  • Members that are not part of a committee will not see them listed in the forum. Only those who are members in a committee will be able to see the conversations and documents shared within those groups. To join a committee submit an application here:

Friendly reminder, you will need to log into your member profile to complete the below steps: Refer to the email sent to members on March 30 with the subject line “Access NAFTZ’s New Member Portal!”.  If you did not create a new profile, please do so using your exact name as listed in the database and the email address associated with your membership. Once you’ve created an account you can then perform the below items.


Kristine Wells
NAFTZ Senior Manager of Communications & Membership

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